Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant - Richmond BC


Kisha Poppo Japanese Sushi Restaurant stands for fun and health in Japanese kids’ minds. Its TV series met Japanese kids every day. It’s also our hope that our restaurant will bring you the same experience.

Kisha Poppo Japanese Sushi Restaurant Richmond BC, you can order online for pickup and delivery. 


Freshly Prepared, Various Items, No Time Limit, No Item Limit, Served To Your Table. (Dine-in only)

Lunch:        11:00AM – 4:00PM     $24.95    Age 4-9 $16.95
Dinner:       4:00PM – Closed        $47.95    Age 4-9 $27.95

Promotion Menu: 4:00PM – Closed. Special 特殊な $35.95. Age 4-9 $24.95


Delicious Fantastic Amazing 

おいしい 素晴らしい すごい

Please help our restaurant from COVID-19 lockdown by order directly from our restaurant

Stay safe and enjoy our delicious, fantastic, and amazing Japanese cuisine. We provide the best Japanese Sushi Menu in the neighborhood.


Great food great service great price Always high-quality sushi 🍣



I highly recommend any AYCE sushi lover to visit for dinner as it is the best quality AYCE menu in all of Richmond.



Always great food and excellent staff. A great selection of food daily, with freshly made dishes. We almost always bring our entire family, as even the picky eaters find lots to enjoy. The price is very reasonable, and there are hardly ever any wait times.